Our Distribution Partners

Our electric power distributor is MEAG (Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia). MEAG provides wholesale electric power to 49 municipalities in Georgia. We work closely with MEAG in order to provide dependable, affordable electricity to our community.

Our natural gas distributor is MGAG (Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia). MGAG is the largest non-profit natural gas joint agency in the United States, serving 72 members in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. MGAG provides us with a reliable, economical supply of natural gas and assists us in developing and enhancing our gas systems.

We are proud members of Georgia Rural Water Association and Georgia Association of Water Professional. GRWA is a non-profit organization representing rural systems throughout Georgia in regard to drinking water and wastewater needs. GRWA helps us to comply with state and federal regulations, provides training in system operation and maintenance, and assists in other areas as needed.

Along with GRWA we work closely with the US EPA and Georgia EPD to provide our community with safe drinking water and to protect our ground water.