Billing Inquiries

Billing Inquiries

When is my bill due?

Due dates are determined by your bill date.  Your bill is due 10 days after your bill date without penalty. Your bill is due 30 days after your bill date to continue service uninterrupted. 

Bill Date
Due Date w/o Penalty Disconnection date
Autopay Date
7th 17th 7th of next month 17th
14th 24th 14th of next month 24th
21st 3rd 21st of next month 3rd
30th/31st 10th 30th/31st of next month 10th

For our LP (propane) customers, your bill is due by the 10th of each month. You are now receiving an invoice at the time your gas is delivered, then a statement showing deliveries made during the month. The statement amount is due on the 10th of each month.

If you experience a hardship and cannot pay your bill by the latest date due, contact our billing department to make payment arrangements or call Jim Sellars or Paul McIntyre at 229-426-5400.

When is my meter(s) read?

Based on your service address, you are assigned a specific day of the month that your meter is read. As a courtesy to our readers, we ask that you keep shrubs, trees, and other yard items clear of the meter(s) to allow easy access in reading. If you own dogs, we ask that you keep them restrained for the safety of the readers.

What if I think my bill is too high?

The charge for electric service is based on the number of kilowatt hours you use each month; water and sewer charges are based on every 1,000 gallons used; natural gas charges are based on the number of ccf (one hundred cubic feet) used; LP gas is billed by the number of gallons pumped into your tank. If you have questions about any of these charges, contact us by email or phone at 229-426-5400.

We also bill on behalf of the City of Fitzgerald garbage and fire protection fees. If you have a question about these fees, you must contact the City at 229-426-5060.